After buying Mattresses, we have to take care of them. We spend a third of the sleeping life, for this reason the purchase of so important Mattresses. Place the mattress on a uniform holder and the same size. Mattresses should be turned to the feet in the first three months, so that they can settle. Resting the night allows us to regain our strength: good sleep primarily related to the mattress. If you are used to resting lying on one side choose a softer mattress, where your shoulder can sink. A qualitatively good mattress must support the weight of the person properly. The choice of personal mattresses and depends mainly on the location we are lying down. For those who lie down on their back better a harder mattress that supports their back. To be sure to choose a mattress that suits you on our bedding board for over ten minutes.

Mattress with 7 Differentiated Areas

Top Italy

The Brentaflex Memory Memory Top in Memory Foam mattress facilitates muscle relaxation and the right position for the spine. The memory foam mattress not only comfortable but knows how to exercise on the body lying a beneficial effect.

Lat Zip

Comfortable and breathable, the latex mattress of Brentaflex gives us a pleasant welcome every season. The latex mattress is not only comfortable, but it does have a beneficial effect on the body.

Removable Memory Mattress

Baby Memo

The memory foam mattress is not limited to being comfortable but able to bring the body to rest benefit. In Brentaflex Brands mattresses, elegant shapes and technology guarantee outstanding products.

Orthopedic Springs Mattress

Aria 2.0

Excellent finishes, high-tech textile fibers and technical innovation make the Tessilform Air 2.0 Double Mattress recognizable in performance and comodity excellence.

Latex Foam Mattress


In Tessilform brand mattresses, high elegance and technology shapes outstanding products. The latex Tessilform Metropolis Mattress facilitates muscle relaxation and correct posture for the spine.

Ergonomic Orthopedic Mattress

Medical Multimemory

With Tessilform Memory Foam Mattress in memory foam you will enjoy a restful rest as you deserve. For the use of quality raw materials and innovative manufacturing processes, Tessilform is a good sleep specialist.

Mattress with 7 Differentiated Areas


A high degree of ease, excellent materials and state-of-the-art technology make this model the indispensable sleeping ally. The Doimo Materassi Soft Foam Mattress provides the appropriate comfort and the appropriate breathability.

Mattress with 7 Differentiated Areas


The mattresses offered by Doimo Mattresses, such as the variant of latex mattresses, ensure a pleasant welcome. With latex latex mattresses in Doimo latex mattress you have assured a restful retirement as you deserve.

Mattress with 5 Differentiated Areas


Do you want the most suitable mattress, which guarantees you a quality sleep? Doimo Materassi creates a wide range of mattresses capable of satisfying everybody's needs. Doimo Mattresses Mattresses each choose the one that is best suited for s.

Bionic Springs Mattress

Ibiza Fr

The great expertise of Doimo Mattresses allows you to pursue with the Doimo Mattresses Ibiza Fr Mudguard Mattress an excellent quality in terms of performance and comfort. Doimo Mattresses Mattresses will find the one most suitable for s.