Four Plexes of Ante Picasso P12 Riflessi

  • Cushions in Oak and lacquered

Cushions in Oak and lacquered

Riflessi proposes a full range of compositions for the best, to best organize the living spaces, providing a great deal of space for displaying and organizing books, magazines and small items. This proposal of the Mad Max Quattro Ante Picasso P12 of Riflessi proposes a touch of style to our living. Various elements to be mounted and assembled as desired: day or day locks with door locks, internal divider, to give shape to multiple configurations. Modern style lacquered wooden rugs by Riflessi, which feature the unique Living Functional Stays. In modern style stays, the Madia Quattro Ante Picasso P12 comes in lacquered wood reflexes. This and the various solutions of lacquered wood in the Reflex brand will help to create spaces for holding and exposing. There are many furniture in the dwellings of our homes, including the Madia Quattro Ante Picasso P12 of Riflessi, as well as tables and chairs, furnishing accessories. The different furniture in the living area is an excellent setting for relaxation, welcoming people, watching television, working, eating meals.

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