Alivar Off-Shore Sliding Door Arm

  • Led Illuminated Wall Mounted

Led Illuminated Wall Mounted

The contemporary-styled design of fitted walls combines aesthetic linearity and durability to create beautiful compositional solutions to see and practice. Alivar's Off-Shore Sliding Wing Wall meets the needs of today's homes. Alivar's Off-Shore Sliding Door Wall is embellished with spaces for rest and socialization. Stays are a place so popular and appreciated by us all. The furnishing of the Stays must be easy to guarantee the comfort of the living room and the host. This versatile model of equipped walls that can hold, but also embellish the living room. This solution is part of Alivar's modern style wall cabinet and fully meets your expectations. Here you can see the details that characterize Alivar's Off-Shore Sliding Door Wall in opaque lacquer between the vast Alivar series. The living room requires careful design and its furniture has to be positioned so that furniture and objects respond to the diverse functions to which they are deputy.

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