Suspended Madness Reflection Line

  • Thermo Treated Oak Timber

Thermo Treated Oak Timber

Contemporary Modern Wooden Signs Reflections, which furnish the Stages by combining technology and well-designed lines. Various elements to compose and assemble freely: open or closed modules, partitions, to realize various solutions. The different pieces of furniture in the living room furnish a room where you can rest, receive friends, watch television, dedicate yourself to work and eat. In the stays of our homes we will find different furniture and accessories, including the Suspended Madia Reflex Line, as well as tables and chairs, decorative objects. This and the various proposals made by the Riflessi branded wood cushions will help to create space for custody and display. Reflections makes available a wide range of bedding arrangements to perfectly fit the living area space, providing plenty of practical space for displaying and organizing books, newspapers, and objects. This example of Suspended Madness Reflection Line makes available a touch of style to our living. In Modern Style Stays stands the Suspended Madia Line of Wooden Reflexes.

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