Alivar with Edomadia Drawers

  • Polished Lacquered Wood Sole with Steel Base

Polished Lacquered Wood Sole with Steel Base

This proposal of Madia with Edomadia Drawers by Alivar offers a classy touch to our living. The different pieces of furniture make for a perfect place for relaxation, welcoming guests, watching TV, doing business, eating. Modern style stays have its own seat in the Madia with Alivar Edomadia drawers in gloss lacquered. This and the many offers of shiny Alivar branded lacquered beds will be useful in creating spaces for inclusion and display. Alivar offers a wide range of bedding solutions to perfectly decorate the living room walls, providing plenty of useful space for displaying and organizing books, magazines, and objects. There are several furniture in our homes, including the Alivar Edomadia Madia with Drawers, as well as tables and chairs, furnishing accessories. Many modules to fit and assemble according to taste: open or closed compartments with door, divider elements, to design multiple versions. Alivar's modern glossy lacquered mattresses, organizing Stays combining unique technology and design.

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