Fimar Tv Tv Stand Edis 1

  • Crystal Clear Bookcase

Crystal Clear Bookcase

This proposal of the Porta TV Edis 1 of Fimar makes available a touch of elegance to our stay. The different pieces of furniture of the day environment perfectly equip you with an interior where you dedicate yourself to relaxation, you are with your friends, you watch TV, are doing business activities, you eat. Modern style stays have the right place in the Fimar mattress lacquer. This and the various opaque lacquer book solutions of the Fimar brand will be helpful in creating places to hold and keep in view. Fimar offers a wide range of library proposals to optimally decorate the space of the day environment, providing a lot of useful space to keep in view and sort books, magazines, and objects. In the stays of our houses we find various furnishings, including the Fimar TV Porta TV Edis 1, as well as tables and chairs, furnishing accessories. Many modules to be assembled and assembled as needed: either day-to-day or enclosed by doors, dividers, to create a variety of configurations. Contemporary modern matte lacquered bookcases with signature Fimar, which feature well-designed Functions and Lines.

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