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Shiny lacquered stays

Our architects will teach you how to select the furniture materials, finding for you stays in the glossy lacquered finish. At our point of sale our architects will show you the models of polished Lacquered stairs and all the latest furniture finishes for your home. If you come to meet in our shop, experienced architects will show you upcoming and design your ideal home. We provide consulting services in design, with sophistication for major measurements, and post purchase. For your needs, please contact Mr Paolo Biordi. Want to know the trends in design? You find Atelier Interni Via Bustamonte 3 San Marino in the province of San Marino. You can see products on our offer Outlet . Come and visit us, you will find the best architects who will be happy to assist you in the design of your home and in the purchase of Polished Lacquered Stages . We will be able to offer design and consulting products to best decorate your spaces. Are you looking for stays in the glossy lacquered finish to decorate your spaces best? In our store we distribute the models of polished Lacquered stays ; You will find everything you want. We are open: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 13:00 and the afternoon from 15:00 to 20:00 and we are closed on Sunday.

Polished Lacquered Wood Sole with Steel Base


There are several furniture in our homes, including the Alivar Edomadia Madia with Drawers, as well as tables and chairs, furnishing accessories. ...

Shiny and opaque lacquered base wall

Side 10

The possible solutions with the elements of this model of fitted walls can emphasize the style of the stays of each home. Fimar's modern-day ...