The living are the vital center of each dwelling. When selecting colors and shades for the furnishings and furnishings of our Living, well define which style to give to the environment and consider what functions it will fulfill your living: relaxation, conviviality, and work. Watch with us how to organize your living to the best. The living fulcrum of home life and hospitality space but at the same time relaxing. To keep in sight or guard books and objects find space in the Living a wall mounted or suspended if space is not so much. In the Living there is space for the conversation area where we will place one or more upholstered seats to armchairs and pouffs and a coffee table. For dining in the Holidays we will need a fixed or extendable table with matching chairs.

Wooden Glass Door Covered Glass

Luna Hi Fi

This and a variety of wooden door racks offered by the Reflex Angelo brand will help to compose places to include and display. The various living furnishings have a great interior that relaxes, welcomes people, looks at television, takes jobs, consumes meals.

Wood Bookcase with Painted Glass Back


In modern-style stays, the Modular Avantgarde Library of Reflex Angelo is located in wood. In the stays of our homes are placed several furniture and accessories, including the Modular Avantgarde Library of Reflex Angelo, as well as tables and chairs, decorative objects.

Polished lacquered wooden crib

Bele Epoque Buffet

Thanks to the vast collection of colors and textures available for this product, you can design a contemporary, or more traditional, composition. Every modern style bedding solution to your expectations ensures durability, indispensable content for Reflex Angelo.

Wood and Glass Aluminum Wall


Express your creativity by combining the modules of this product into Alivar's matte lacquer, to dare, but tastefully! Alivar's Modern Framed Wall Frame presents various solutions that can be realized. In today's Living Rooms we call for multifunctional compositions that can perfectly fit the walls, such as Alivar's Modern Framed Wall.

Led Illuminated Wall Mounted


Here you can see the details that characterize Alivar's Off-Shore Sliding Door Wall in opaque lacquer between the vast Alivar series. The furnishing of the Stays must be easy to guarantee the comfort of the living room and the host.

Polished Lacquered Wood Sole with Steel Base


There are several furniture in our homes, including the Alivar Edomadia Madia with Drawers, as well as tables and chairs, furnishing accessories. This and the many offers of shiny Alivar branded lacquered beds will be useful in creating spaces for inclusion and display.

Cushions in Oak and lacquered

Picasso P12

This proposal of the Mad Max Quattro Ante Picasso P12 of Riflessi proposes a touch of style to our living. This and the various solutions of lacquered wood in the Reflex brand will help to create spaces for holding and exposing.

Sleeper with Crystal Interior Shelves

Picasso P1

In modern-style stays, it is possible to find the Madia in Leaf Gold Picasso P1 of Reflexes in wood. At the Stages of our Homes we will find several furnishings, including the Gold Plate in Picasso P1 Riflessi Leaf, as well as tables and chairs, decorative items.

White lacquered lacquered cushion with crystal handle

Picasso P2

Reflexes offers a wide range of nesting solutions to perfectly match daylight spaces, providing a lot of useful space for displaying and ordering books, magazines, and objects. In Modern Style Stays stands the Madia with Picasso P2 Picasso Crystal Mirrors in Lacquered Wood Reflexes.

Wooden and Steel Sheds


Modern, technology, dependability connotate wooden cradles for Reflection Stays. If you are looking for items that can decorate your Holidays and any local style, this Reflection product is yours to your liking.

Thermo Treated Oak Timber


In the stays of our homes we will find different furniture and accessories, including the Suspended Madia Reflex Line, as well as tables and chairs, decorative objects. Various elements to compose and assemble freely: open or closed modules, partitions, to realize various solutions.

Wooden TV Door with Steel Stand


Modern, technology, reliability makes the laquered wooden TV stand for Alivar Stays recognizable. Visit our showroom where you will have the Alivar HF Modern Tv Port and many new products for the excellent quality stay.