The best lighting technologies allow for less energy, for a comfortable and healthy living habitus. In the kitchen you need to set up a suspended chandelier for indirect lighting above the table, a light embedded in the suction hood and then spotlights under furniture and shelves. Illumination helps to enhance an object or space and create a fascinating atmosphere. Nowadays, the lighting market offers articles that are capable of responding to any need. In our home a very important role holds the Illumination, which follows us in all the activities that we will perform every day: it is necessary to carefully define what kind of equipment we will buy and how we will have them. When selecting light sources in our home, we must take into consideration: the size and shape of the rooms, the functions that we will perform, the time when the lamps stay on during the day, the tonality and the style of furniture and finishes. A room where the preparation of light sources is very important to the kitchen. In living a floor lamp valorizzer the area of the sofas; Spotlights and wall lamps will be useful in enhancing a picture. Indirect light living needs to be added to direct light. In the rest area at indirect lighting we will match the reading lamps.

Chrome chrome chandelier


L Lighting is a key component in designing premises. Flos amazes you with the proposals for lighting your homes, the result of research on materials and technical innovation.

Table Lamp with Steel and Wood Base


Barovier & Toso conquers you with the typologies for the lighting of your homes, a result of research on finishing and technical innovation. L Lighting is an important element in interior design.

Aluminum Floor Lamp


Design and technical innovation mix in this example of Oluce Terra Coup Lamp for Oluce's modern interior. L Lighting is a fundamental part of any home space as it accompanies all the activities we do.

Led Light Wall Lamp


Vibi astonishes you with the models for the lighting of your homes, the result of research on materials and technology. L Illuminates a leading component in designing environments.

Chromed metal ceiling lamp


Fabas will conquer you with the models for lighting your homes, a search result on finishes and technology. L Illuminating a foreground component in the furnishing of the premises.


In our furniture we sell the Petit Friture Vertigo Suspension Lamp and the lamps that Petit Friture produces from those who intend to perfectly illuminate his home. L Lighting in our homes serves to make light in a room or emphasize a specific area or object.


Patrizia Volpato offers the most efficient luminaires to respond to the needs of each of us. Patrizia Volpato's inner suspension lamp gives a pleasing light and with its lines it becomes a space with naturalness in different moods.