Cuisine with the Peninsula of Milan in Del Tongo

  • Wood and Lacquered Kitchen

Wood and Lacquered Kitchen

The Kitchens with Peninsula are increasingly appreciated by the undeniable organization of space they design. The Kitchens with Peninsula meet each other's requests. This composition is made of opaque lacquered, durable and today's aesthetic appearance. Modern style kitchens are available in many types and finishes, and with ease they fit into different spaces and environments. This model of Cuisine with the Peninsula of Milan in Del Tongo guarantees a perfect balance between functionality and design. The kitchen version with peninsula optimizes space without disturbing the elegance of modern style, thanks to the functionality of this type of composition. Among the contemporary commercially available kitchens, Del Tongo proposes the one made of opaque lacquer. Among the kitchens in opaque lacquer c large variet for tones and versions.

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