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In our online Kitchens shop, just a few miles from Rome, you can buy what you want among the many well-known brand offers. We offer you an efficient transportation and assembly service. If you want in Rome and around a Kitchens shop online , we are the perfect place for you: find Atelier Interni, Via Bustamonte 3 San Marino 47890 in the province of San Marino. Come see furniture at affordable prices on ours Outlet . With the best store managers you will be able to furnish your ideal home and choose how to place the furniture you are buying. We are at your disposal to furnish you with beautiful, functional rooms. We also provide a consulting service in the furnishing, with visit to important measures, and in the post-sale phase. We are open: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 13:00 and the afternoon from 15:00 to 20:00 and we are closed on Sunday. For your needs, please contact Mr Paolo Biordi. Our Kitchens shop is the perfect place where you can buy a few km from Rome 's most popular online brand offers.

In-Line Kitchen with Table at Peninsula


Well be aware that the kitchen is a very lived environment, so the wood model requires care and maintenance. On-line kitchens, if well designed, guarantee excellent and never trivial results.

Elmar's Easy Line 30 Kitchen

Easy 30

This Elmar Easy Line 30 Kitchen Line meets your taste. Elmar offers us this idea of u200bu200bmodern kitchen style.