The kitchens often contain the dining table or the snack bar around which to gather at convivial moments. The Kitchens are the most lived environment of every home. In the kitchen, care must be paid to the purchase of fires and work surfaces. We will buy the furniture of our Kitchens according to their style and personal needs, including modern kitchens, design kitchens or traditional kitchens. In your kitchens, particular attention should be paid to the purchase of finishes for kitchen work surfaces, which, for a long time, must offer a high level of resistance to use. Today, Kitchens brands design a rich offer of colors and finishes to better customize the spaces. The layout of the kitchens, angular or in-line, the choice of the peninsula, the appliances will define the aesthetics of the environment.

Kitchen Lacquered Matt with Marble Top


This proposition of Miton Caviar Classic Cuisine will satisfy you. You can see the lines of Kitchens with Island, including the Miton Culinary Classic Cuisine.

Kitchen in Laminate and Matt Lacquered


It's not easy to choose the best of the matte lacquer kitchen kitchens: get to know our Elmar kitchens. The Elmar Peninsula Kitchens combine functionalities and well-designed lines.

Kitchen with Wooden and Steel Island


The kitchens are subject to humidity and heat, so it is necessary to carefully evaluate the choice of the most suitable materials. Many choose to opt for an on-line kitchen.

White lacquered kitchen

Ecletica 03

The kitchens are subject to humidity and heat, so carefully consider choosing the finest finish. An Elmar modern style kitchen solution presented here.

Steel and Wooden Kitchen with Extractible Table


You will be able to buy the kitchen of dreams in modern style, just assess the measurements and accessories that you are going to match. Elmar offers us this reading of modern style kitchen.

Kitchen with Corner and Lacquered Corner


Corner kitchens are articulated in space in an efficient and pleasant way. The corner kitchen delivers and simplifies movements between one area and another, thus providing great efficiency in the kitchen.

In-Line Kitchen with Table at Peninsula


Well be aware that the kitchen is a very lived environment, so the wood model requires care and maintenance. On-line kitchens, if well designed, guarantee excellent and never trivial results.

Kitchen Lacquered Matt with Glass Wallets


The Kitchens with Peninsula make up the environment in an efficient and pleasant way. The kitchen with peninsula furnishes and facilitates operations between one area and another, thus providing the kitchen with remarkable efficiency.

Cooking in Olive and Beton Gray


It is always better to think that the kitchen has a lot of space, therefore the proposal in opaque lacquer requires proper maintenance. The TLK Kitchens project has a kitchen made of opaque lacquer.

Opaque Lacquered Kitchen with Natural Quarzite Top


This proposal of Zampieri Angular Kitchen XP meets your taste. It's not easy to choose the best of the matte lacquer kitchen kitchens: come and see our Zampieri kitchens.

Cooking the Wood and lacquered


The online kitchen version enhances the spaces without disturbing the elegance of modern style, thanks to the functionality of this type of composition. This example of Zampieri's Linear Kitchen Axis ensures a great mix of functionality and sophistication.

Dual Lacquered Laced Kitchen


Among the design style kitchens on the market, Zampieri features the one with matt lacquered finish. Among the kitchens in opaque lacquered c large variet for tones and versions.