The doors are distinguished first for the type of opening. The Doors perform an important function: Separate space and, if not open, ensure privacy. We will choose the Doors matched to the type of walls and the furnishings mood. Sliding Doors, Door with Swing System, Book Doors, Wall Wire Doors are available. In each house, the Doors represent an architectural element and they contribute to enriching the aesthetic appearance of the premises. Today, the best brands in the Doors Division offer a wide range of materials, textures and colors. The wide range of aesthetic possibilities also with regard to Doors gives us the ability to customize each door in detail.

Wooden Door and MDF


Bi Wooden Door Knocker Materik combines technology and beauty in a style door. Bi Home Battent Materik of Bi Home is characterized by class and technology and finds room in today's homes.

Interior Wall Sliding Glass Door

Inside Unik

Doors are useful for dividing indoor spaces and offering privacy. In our showroom you have the opportunity to buy interior doors with swing or sliding doors, including the Isis Unis Sliding Door of Bi Home in Glass.

Wooden door


The complete range of finishes and colors that Res thinks for its doors makes it contextualizable in diversified environments. Come and visit us to see the doorways from Res that we sell in our furniture factory.

White Lacquered Door


The Doors serve to divide the indoor spaces and to ensure confidentiality. In our shop you have the opportunity to buy Doors for interior with swinging or sliding door, including the Wood Blast Sofa Click Door.

Sliding Door with Rippled Frame


Res Sliding Door Dec is characterized by style and functionality and is located in existing homes. Res Glass Sliding Door Glass combines functionality and aesthetics into an elegant door.

Knocker Glass Door


Come and discover the Swinging Doors of which the Levia Latching Door of Res. Handcraft Care and Technical Innovation enable the Doors of Res to meet every personal need.

Matt Lacquer Door Opaque


In our store you can see Doors for interior doors or sliding doors, including the Responsive Door of Res wood in Bespoke. The Doors are useful for dividing internal rooms and for securing privacy.

Glass Sliding Door


The Glass Res Glass Sliding Door integrates function and design into an elegant door. The Moon Res Sliding Door stands out for its refinement and function and has its place in contemporary homes.

Door in Tamburitza


The Missing Wooden Miss Door combines aesthetics and technical innovation in a proposal for the interior spaces of your current home. Res affirms its authority in the production of interior doors with state-of-the-art offers.

Door with Wood Chassis Frame

Mood XL

The doors of the Res brand are lined with interior design projects. With Res interior doors including Res Wood Sliding Mood XL, you will be able to separate the interiors of your home with functionality and aesthetics.

White Lacquered Door

Plana Halley

The doors of the Bi Home company are suitable for interior design projects. With the Bi Home interior doors including the Bi Wooden Home Plana Halley Sliding Door, you can separate the rooms by combining technology and design.

Door in Satin Glass

Bikomp cabin

The Bi Home Bikomp Sliding Door is the most convenient door to find solutions to the needs of the closure. You will see the Sliding Doors to which the Bi Home Bikomp Sliding Door belongs.