Children's room San Marino

San Marino's bedrooms

Our landmark store accessible from San Marino and your service to furnish you with beautiful and functional local ones. We look forward to you with the best companies, tips and news. Find products at affordable prices on ours Outlet . For your needs, please contact Mr Paolo Biordi. Do you want a store of bedrooms in San Marino and neighboring municipalities? Come and visit us in our store, you will be able to choose the many offers from the latest Camerette manufacturers . With the help of our designers you can define how to furnish your home right for you and how to make the solutions you will buy. We also provide a support service in the furnishings, with visits to relief measures, and assistance after purchase. Within our store reachable from San Marino you will have the opportunity to meet the most well-prepared furniture designers who will help you in purchasing furniture for your home. In our Camerette store accessible from San Marino, we will look after you in purchasing furniture for your home and we offer you an impeccable transportation and assembly service. You can find Atelier Interni, Via Bustamonte 3 San Marino in the province of San Marino. We are open: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 13:00 and the afternoon from 15:00 to 20:00 and we are closed on Sunday.


For the Dolfi room, Dolfi has versatile composite solutions, in a rich set of tonalities and finishes, such as Dolfi's Vichy Kids Room. There are ...