Children's room

Children's rooms

Children's rooms with ground beds, deckchairs, bunk beds, sliding beds, loft bedrooms, all made for the home to be also designed for children and young people. For the Children's rooms the brands offer a full range of proposals. The Children's rooms are the space where our children will spend the most important moments of their lives. The décor for the Children's rooms supports the children as they become large whenever they need changing. Depending on your personal needs, size, size of the room of the little ones, you decide how to place the bedroom furniture: bed system, work table, wardrobe. In the bedrooms there are various functions: fun, study, rest. The room decoration of the little ones must guarantee functionality, safety and comfort.


For the Dolfi room, Dolfi has versatile composite solutions, in a rich set of tonalities and finishes, such as Dolfi's Vichy Kids Room. There are ...

Polished Lacquered Wooden Bedroom


With the Delphi Classical Doric Kids Room you will have a livable living room that will follow the children in growth. For Dolfi's children's room, ...

Bedroom with Writing Desk and Library

Boys Room 01

There are a variety of activities the children play in the bedroom. This childrens room with space-saving matt lacquered finish meets parents' ...

Mattress lacquered mattress

1X2 Island

In our store we distribute the Erba Mobili furniture and we look after you from the proposal to the furniture of your furniture and accessories. The ...

Sleeping Room with Led Bed


This little room in matt lacquered finish perfectly adopts a children's interior. In the design of the little room, follow the best brands of dealers.

Bedroom with Wheel Bed

Boys Room 02

With the Bedroom Bedroom House Boy's Room 02 you will have a comfortable environment that accompanies the little ones as they grow. This junior room, ...