In the kitchen, care must be paid to the purchase of fires and work surfaces. Today, Kitchens brands design a rich offer of colors and finishes to better customize the spaces.


In the Living there is space for the conversation area where we will place one or more upholstered seats to armchairs and pouffs and a coffee table. Watch with us how to organize your stays to the best.


In existing homes the kitchen opens to the living room and there is no longer a definite separation between the two environments. For the finishes of the Tables, many possible solutions: wood, glass, metal, stone, are possible alternatives.


If you like to have many guests at lunch you can think of an extendable table model. With regard to Chairs materials, various options include: wood, glass, metal, stone, lacquered are possible alternatives.


Corner loungers in line, but also, for those who do not have so much space, sleeper sofas that turn into an oddity. Producers of Salotti propose a complete collection of proposals to facilitate our expectations.


In the Bedroom, besides the bed system, with sideboards side by side, there is a wardrobe with sliding doors or sliding doors, as well as the walk-in closet. The essential lighting in the Bedroom: from the lights for the nightstands to the spotlights to the ceiling, to the planks.


We will dress Beds with linens and pillows, to make it an island of comfort that will welcome us at the end of the day. If space you do not have a lot, there are space-saving beds: Convertible beds and retractable beds, which, if not used, come in furniture that can fulfill various functions.

Children's room

In the Children's rooms there are various functions: fun, study, rest. The d├ęcor for the Children's rooms supports the children as they become large whenever they need changing.

Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture includes underfloor bathroom furniture, mirrors, suspended columns, bathroom sinks and many bathroom accessories. Bathroom furniture, shower enclosures, baths, toilet and bidet and bathroom accessories are currently carefully thought out of aesthetics and design to technique and innovation.

Garden furniture

In the purchase of outdoor space furniture, it is advisable to prefer durable materials that can withstand sun and rain and are easy to maintain. Brands allow products that are suitable solutions to create continuity between inside and outside.

Office furniture

Excellent office sign office furniture will allow you to organize workstations with furniture that mix aesthetic value and technology. The office furniture includes tables, ergonomic chairs, drawers, cupboards.


Complements are to be chosen and carefully arranged, so that the set is homogeneous in taste and color. Furnishing accessories are beautiful and practical in home life: coat racks, mirrors, lamps, furniture cushions, textile complements, poufs, carpets, containers, portable cupboards.


In the rest area at indirect lighting we will match the reading lamps. In living a floor lamp valorizzer the area of the sofas; Spotlights and wall lamps will be useful in enhancing a picture.


We will choose the Doors matched to the type of walls and the furnishings mood. In each house, the Doors represent an architectural element and they contribute to enriching the aesthetic appearance of the premises.


Mattresses should be turned to the feet in the first three months, so that they can settle. Resting the night allows us to regain our strength: good sleep primarily related to the mattress.


Wall and floor coverings in our homes are constituent elements but also contribute to the aesthetics of the rooms and thus also cover a decorative function. Among the Coatings there are the tiles: currently the stone can imitate various materials, from wood to marble, to terracotta with an incredible fidelity.